I mean, yes I do miss this ( this pic above), yet so many things that come along with being with this incredible man, other half, soul mate, brother -in- Christ, etc…

The last month or so I have been keeping myself incredibly busy, going on weekend trips to Michigan, having Emily visit,  going to Wilmington, doing lunch, the gym and so on.  I think because I have been keeping myself so bus, moments of really missing him and our little moments really missing them.   Not even the super romantic stuff, but I guess the little things are the lead to the big things.  I guess I am just going to list them here, here goes.

-grocery shopping

-being in bed together watching movies

-watching T.V. series together  (old school ones on YouTube, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother)

-weekend trips

-walking chubbs

-cooking together

-Praying together

-going to church together

-holding each other

-trying a new wine together

-holding each other

-coffee dates

-long road trips

-clothes shopping together

These are just to name a few, regardless I cannot wait until he returns… I really miss my best friend.