It’s still March, unfortunately, I only say that because as you know (or should know by now) we are in our second deployment like since last March ( when he deployed the first time).  We are going on month 3, kinda sucks by alot.  Yet, I try not to think about it as much.  Been keeping myself pretty busy with friends and family all around, etc..

One big kick I have been on, well if anyone knows me, you know my love for baking and cooking, but is to cook and bake super healthy and more decently caloric bake goods.

This website is awesome!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Beyond awesome to say the least.  Basically she is this ridiculous beautiful, model-looking girl in her early to mid-twenties that loves chocolate and to bake.  You would think these goodies and treats would have a ridiculous caloric weight in, yet that is the beauty of the website / recipes  they are low-calorie or sugar-free and most are dairy-free as well.

I will admit, I was not 100 percent sold on the whole idea of delicious bake goods that have low calories and can be sugar and dairy-free.

I have tried these

Skinny Snickerdoodles

They were A-MAZING!  Did not taste diety or not full-fat, etc…

Since they were sooo good, I tried making these last night

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

The bar part, with the pumpkin was Soo Soo Soo good!  Yet, when it came to the fake vegan cream cheese frosting, was not a fan.  So I redid the frosting and made a low-fat version of regular cream cheese frosting.  

Tasted much, much better!

Here is the recipe:

Fat-Free Cream Cheese Frosting

1 package of fat-free cream cheese

1 cup of powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoon of pur vanilla extract

Blend ingredients until smooth,,, frost on top of the pumpkin bars when they have cooled about 10 minutes.


I also found a recipe for flour less pizza crust, thinking about making that tonight or maybe tomorrow, not sure when I will make it, yet I do know I want another piece of that amazing pumpkin  bar …. yum!





I mean, yes I do miss this ( this pic above), yet so many things that come along with being with this incredible man, other half, soul mate, brother -in- Christ, etc…

The last month or so I have been keeping myself incredibly busy, going on weekend trips to Michigan, having Emily visit,  going to Wilmington, doing lunch, the gym and so on.  I think because I have been keeping myself so bus, moments of really missing him and our little moments really missing them.   Not even the super romantic stuff, but I guess the little things are the lead to the big things.  I guess I am just going to list them here, here goes.

-grocery shopping

-being in bed together watching movies

-watching T.V. series together  (old school ones on YouTube, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother)

-weekend trips

-walking chubbs

-cooking together

-Praying together

-going to church together

-holding each other

-trying a new wine together

-holding each other

-coffee dates

-long road trips

-clothes shopping together

These are just to name a few, regardless I cannot wait until he returns… I really miss my best friend.

This is my first wordpress blog entry, hope I can keep people entertained…